Ashley Cate

Ashley Cate

School Guidance Counselor

Phone: 802.857.7000 x.2526

"Nothing that grieves us can be called little: by the eternal laws of proportion, a child’s loss of a doll and king’s loss of a crown are events of the same size.~Mark Twain "

As we come to the middle of another fabulous year at Summit Street School, I want to update you with future classroom guidance lessons. We have been focusing this last month on problem solving using the Kelso curriculum. You may have seen your child bring home the wheel with Kelso’s strategies on them. We have also been doing role plays practicing these skills. Next week I will start reading the book, “I Said No!” It is a great resource in helping children learn about trusting adults with their safety. This book also helps kids set healthy boundaries for their bodies and how to deal with inappropriate behavior.
You may want to ask your child some questions about the book. For example, who are some adults in your life that you trust? Why? (i.e. parents, teachers, police.) What is the difference between “red flag” people and “green flag” people? (red flag– someone who threatens, bribes, or is inappropriate with your body, green flag – someone who can help, someone you trust, someone who is safe.

According to Act 1 (An Act Relating to Improving Vermont’s Sexual Abuse Response System) requires schools to educate children about sexual abuse, educate school staff about child sexual abuse, and to provide information and education to parents and caregivers about child sexual abuse. CCSU has already taken several meaningful steps toward compliance with this Act.

Section 3 of Act One requires school districts to provide comprehensive health education to students that includes: “How to recognize and prevent sexual abuse and sexual violence, including developmentally-appropriate instruction about promoting healthy and respectful relationships, developing and maintaining effective communication with trusted adults, recognizing sexually offending behaviors, and gaining awareness of available school and community resources.”

One way Summit Street School is starting this process is by reading the book “I Said No!” Please call or  email me if you have any questions. The link below from the district website gives more information about Act 1.

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